TeSSLa Download

Get the latest TeSSLa compiler, tools and libraries

TeSSLa Bundle

The TeSSLa bundle contains a compiler, interpreter and other useful tools for executing TeSSLa specifications.
It is written in Scala and available as a single JAR archive.

The TeSSLa bundle is licensed under Apache 2.0 license.
For detailed license information run java -jar tessla.jar -l and see META-INF/NOTICE in the jar archive.

Run java -jar tessla.jar -h for information on the usage of the TeSSLa command line tool.

TeSSLa 2.0.0

You can find more information on how to get started with the TeSSLa compiler and interpreter in our documentation.

Further versions

Source Code

TeSSLa is developed as an open-source project.
The source code of the TeSSLa bundle is available in the TeSSLa gitlab.

Logging Library

If you are using the TeSSLa instrumenter for C code you might want to use the logging library in order to compile the instrumented code.

Logging Library for TeSSLa 2.0.0

TeSSLa libraries

TeSSLa is able to include libraries with useful functions for certain application domains.
For a collection of user libraries for TeSSLa and download links see the user library repository.