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TeSSLa's constant folding approach

24.04.2022. The TeSSLa compiler is capable of highly advanced constant folding/constant evaluation features. In general all constant expressions that appear in a TeSSLa specification, i.e. are not relying on stream values, are already evaluated during compilation.

A section of a petri net
TeSSLa Petri net Library

22.04.2024. Petri nets are a comfortable and widespread formalism for modelling of concurrent systems. The TeSSLa Petri net library enables a comfortable specification and monitoring of Petri net systems.

Grafana plots
TeSSLa-Telegraf Connector

19.05.2023. An integration of TeSSLa monitors and the Telegraf agent is now available. It allows seamless interaction with a wide range of data collection and visualisation frameworks.

Robot driving through grass
TeSSLa/ROS Bridge

21.10.2022. The Robot Operating System (ROS) is a widely used operating system for robots. TeSSLa provides a ROS integration that allows the easy connection of TeSSLa monitors with ROS nodes.